BIYESAM, in its open title, “Professional Association of Computer, Software and Internet Workers”, 42 different articles of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 4630/5101 and “Rights Associated with Intellectual and Artistic Property Owners Associations and Federations According to the provisions of the “Statute”, it is a profession union established to operate in the field of “Science and Literature Works”.

The center is in Istanbul.

BİYESAM believes that IT is one of the most important strategic elements of national development, with the aim of “ensuring the collection and distribution of wages to be collected and distribution to the beneficiaries and protecting the common interests of its members” with the law numbered 5846 and the rights granted to its members and believes that all activities are ” creation and development of the software industry “mission.

In this direction, BIYESAM,

  • The monitoring and protection of the members’
  • Registration, registration and storage of members’ works,
  • The development of legal regulations on the regulation of entitlements in the field of information and software,
  • Regulations, such as the fast pace of technological advances, the provision of updates,
  • The use and dissemination of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and similar technologies developed for the protection and use of opinion rights,
  • The widespread awareness among the members and the public about “Intellectual Rights in the Field of Information and Software”
  • Providing consultancy and arbitration to the members and other related persons and institutions in the field of information and software in the direction of protection of ideas and protection,
  • Development of cooperations with public and non-governmental organizations operating in the field,
  • Establishment of industry standards and indicators

in the direction of work.