Activity Goals

* Now with the interests of the country and has handled national policies, plans and to contribute to the establishment of legal regulations with the aim of: * Computers and software for the industry (Technoparks, tax reductionsTax exemptions – corporate, income, royalty – such as) government support, encouragement and assistance to the router * E-transformation in the executive committee to help work in the field * Information about consumer rights law* IT industry to help develop free for export development to help towards the development of legal regulations * Intellectual rights and digital rights management environment-related legislation and enforcementTo contribute to the development of inflammation.

* Now open to the use of national / international funding to investigate the possibilities, to raise funds, resources to find and create the principles of the use of these resources / use any of the member institutions and to monitor * kuruluşlarda right to monitor, maintain, administrative and judicial ways to apply * Intellectual Property rights related to developments, monitor, evaluate and register the name of a common ground for action and collaboration environment to provide existing and emerginglegislation to inform the members of * domestic and abroad, public institutions and organizations, real and legal persons of private law and administrative and professional relationships